Medium-Range Anti-Tank Missile System

OMTAS is a medium-range anti-tank weapon system that is effective against armoured threats on the  battlefield. Its Imaging Infrared Seeker permits day and night use, and in all adverse weather conditions.

The RF data link between the launcher and the missile provides the user with operational flexibility. The missile can be used in fire-and-forget or fire-and- update modes, and offers both lock-on before launch or lock-on after launch capabilities. With its precision guidance capability and its armour-piercing tandem warhead, OMTAS ensures effective strikes against armoured threats.

System Specifications

  • Capability of Operating Day & Night and in all Weather Conditions
  • Effective against Static and Mobile Targets
  • Insensitive Munition Characteristics against Fuel Fire and Bullet Impact

Target Update Capability Enables:

  • Update of the Strike Point on the Target
  • Switch of Target During Flight
  • Fire from Behind Cover


OMTAS can be fired from its tripod and can also be integrated into land platforms with open or closed turrets.

Technical Specifications

Diameter 160 mm
Length 1,8 m
Weight 35 kg
[Missile + Launch Tube]
Range 0,2 - 4 km
Seeker IIR*
Warhead Type Tandem High Explosive Anti-Tank Blast Fragmentation Thermobaric
Attack Modes Direct Attack / Top Attacks
Operation Modes Fire-and-Forget Fire-and-Update

*IIR Imaging Infra-Red

Omtas Orta Menzilli Tanksavar Silah Sistemi  Anagorsel

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