Pyrotechnic Systems

Roketsan has the ability to develop the critical components of the systems in its product family. Among such components, Roketsan engineers are producing pyrotechnic systems of high quality and tested reliability. Roketsan is also working on indigenous rocket motor igniters with or without safe and arm mechanisms, low and high-energy electro-explosives such as squib initiators, power cartridges and detonators. Depending on the system requirements, gas generators and initiators are designed according to different levels of all-fire and no-fire currents, and to the desired ballistic or physical outputs.

Pyrotechnic actuated devices, such as exploding bolts, pin pushers/retracters, pyrotechnic valves, separation devices, and cable/rope cutters can all be found in disconnection/release systems, emergency systems, space applications and launch systems for different purposes. Exploding foil initiators (EFI/LEEFI), which can be found among the new generation of detonators and are activated by high voltages for increased safety, are among the products that have been designed, developed and serially manufactured by Roketsan. 

Rocket Motor Igniters

Roketsan Piroteknik2

  • Designed for Solid Propellant Rocket Motors [with or without SAD]
  • Designed for Turbojet Motors
  • Complies with MIL-STD-1901A, MIL-STD-1576 and STANAG 4368
  • Protected against Electrostatic Discharge [AECTP-500]
  • Complies with Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards [MIL-STD-464A/461F]
  • 1W/1A/5 Minutes No Fire, High Reliability

Igniters of Various Rocket Motor

Roketsan Piroteknik1

Safe and Arm Devices (SAD)

  • Arm - Safe Electrical Signals
  • Arm - Safe Indicator
  • Manual / Remote Contro
  • Arming Time for EM-SADs <250 ms
  • -40 to +70°C Operation Temperature
  • Adjustable Interfaces [Mechanical or Electrical]

Initiators & Power Cartridges

Highly reliable, low cost and light weight low-voltage hot-bridgewire explosives [initiators and power cartridges]; are used for the initiation of rocket motor igniters, gas generators and pyrotechnic devices.

Detonation Systems

Detonation Systems are Exploding Foil Initiators [EFI] and Low Energy Exploding Foil Initiators [LEEFI] used to activate the warheads or rocket motors. Systems are resistant to electromagnetic interference and are activated with high voltage.

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