Ballistic Protection Systems

Ballistic Protection Center [BPC]

Ballistic Protection Center [BPC] is an experienced ballistic protection system solution supplier for military platforms.

Unique expertise and capability to fill all the steps from design, testing, production and the platform integration is actively used for the effective ballistic protection.

From design to system integration, ballistic protection solutions created around platform requirements to give best protection to our users.

Our solutions currently installed not only land systems but also sea and critical infrastructures of both Turkish Armed Forces and Allied Military.

Balistik Koruma Merkezi Zirh Leopard

BKM Abilities

  • Kinetic energy and shape charge threat effectiveness data base
  • Vulnerability and Survivability Analysis for all kind of Platforms
  • Unique Simulation Codes for High Speed Impact Phenomena
  • Ballistic Ceramics and Multi Layered Composite Structure Design
  • Explosive Material Design for Reactive Protection Solutions
  • Advanced Production Infrastructure for Ballistic Protection Systems
  • RPG Protection Solutions Based On Passive, Reactive And Stand-off [Cage Or Net] Armor
  • Protection Solutions Against IED Threats


Tank Surcicability Solutions

The hybrid reactive armor system is a new generation armor system developed within the scope of increasing the survivability of armored vehicles.

Based on platform requirement, optimized protection system adds the minimum weight for providing excellent protection while keeping maneuverability and operational range maxiumum.

Up to date threat scenarios constantly being adopted to vulnerability analysis to generate protection solutions for specifed tank platforms.

The tank survivability system solution is designed for rapid integration with minimal changes in user interfaces and vehicle mobility performance.


System Features

  • Maximum Protection Against APFSDS Anti Armour Rockets and Anti-Tank Guided Missiles
  • Protection Against Tandem Warheads
  • Multi-Hit Capability
  • Low Collateral Damage
  • Modular and Open Arcitecture System Design
  • Flexible Design for easy adoption to Different Platforms



Leopard 2A4 T1 Add-on Armor System

Altay Tanki

Altay Armor System

T 72

T-72 Armor System

Add-on Armor Solutions

Multi-layered ballistic protection add-on armor solutions are optimized for keeping minumum effect on power to weight ratio change on platform. Add-on armor solution has capability to withstand both KE and IED threats.

System Specifications 

  • Stanag 4569 AEP 55 Vol 1 Level 1-6 Armor Solutions
  • Stanag 4569 AEP 55 Vol 3 IED Protection Solutions
  • Modular Design based on Open Arcitectural Design
  • High Multi Hit Capability
  • Scable up Armoring Options for Increasing Protection Level
  • Spall-liner Solutions


Eklemeli Zirh

Floor Protection and Seat Armor

Taban Ve Koltuk Zirhi


Seat Armor

Roketsan Koltuk Zirhi


Air Platforms

  • Tailor made solution for both fixed and rotating wing platforms
  • Different protection levels available based on selected standards and user defined demands [NIJ-0108.01, MIL-PRF-46103, Stanag 4569]
  • Certification of mechanical and environmental properties

Koltuk Zirhi


Roketsan BPC has developed solutions for the protection of armored vehicles against RPG threats in order to meet different system requirements.

  • RPG Net
  • Light Armored Vehicle Reactive Armor System
  • ERA Pack

Reactive Armor System for Light Armored Vehicle

  • Provides High Protection Against RPG Threats
  • Up to AEP-55 Vol.1 Lv.4 Protection
  • Up to AEP-55 Vol.3 Lv.4 Protection Against IED
  • Low System Weight
  • Minimal Changes to User Interfaces and Mobility


  • Protection Against Different Types of RPG Rounds
  • Low System Weight
  • Easy Integration
  • Applicable for All Type of Platforms
  • Already Integrated on Kirpi [MRAP], Cobra, Cobra II, Ejder Armored Loader Vehicles

ERA Pack

  • Common Armor Solution for Tactical Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles
  • Protection for RPG Threats
  • No Special Toolrequired for Handling and Integration
  • No-Affect the Mobility Performance of the Vehicle

Roketsan Canta Era

Force Protection 

Alansal Koruma

Military Base or Critical Infrastructure protection by installing layered protection solutions.

Battlefield Proven Protection Levels According to Stanag 2280 Test Procedures and Classification of The Effect of Weapons on Structures.

  • Up to 14.5mm AP-A5 Level
  • RPG Shoulder Fired Anti Tank Ammunition- B3 Level
  • Up to 82mm Mortar-C3 Level

Force Protection System [RZB20 Armor Block] 

Zirh Blogu

Developed for force protection Up to 14.5mm AP-A5 Level
Protection against light weapons effect
Mortar and Fragmentation Protection
Easy Installation and assembly

Force Protection Sustems [RZK 7 Cage Armor]

Zirh Kafesi

Developed for RPG 7 Anti Tank Rounds
Designed to Disrupt Warhead Attacks
Ideal for Military Assets in Combat Zones and High- Risk areas
Easy Installation and Assembly


Force Production Systems [RZP 10 Frag Shield]

Parçacık Kalkanı

Developed for Fragmantation and Blast Protection
Modular Open Architectural Design for Application on Different Military Assets Such as Building or Containers
Multi Layered Design for Fragmentation and Blast Protection Against Mortar and Artilery Rocket


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