Stand-Off Missile

SOM-J is an air-to-surface munition that has been developed for use against heavily defended land and naval targets, and that is mounted inside the aircraft/ below the wing.

The missile’s modular design supports the operational flexibility of the missile. Built based on the existing SOM technologies that are already in service with the Turkish Air Force, SOM-J today provides enhanced capabilities. The long-range SOM-J is a cost-effective solution due to its reduced observability, among its other capabilities.

System Specifications

  • Autonomous Use
  • Long Range
  • Low Radar Cross Section
  • Survivable
  • High-Precision Terminal Phase via Imagining Infrared Seeker [IIR] and Data Link
  • Operable in all Weather Conditions
  • Resistant to Countermeasures
  • Network-Enabled Weapon [NEW] Capability
  • Capable of Engaging Opportunity Targets
  • Selectable Impact Parameters
  • In-Flight Retargeting
  • Universal Armament Interface [UAI] Compatibility

Technical Specifications

Length ~ 3.9 m
Weight ~ 540 kg
Range 275 km [150 nmi]
Guidance INS*/GPS**/TRN***/ GRNS****/ATA*****
Warhead Type High-Explosive Fragmentation, Armour Piercing
Warhead Weight ~ 140 kg
Seeker IIR******
Platforms F-35 [JSF] F-16
Speed High Subsonic

*INS Inertial Navigation System
**GPS Global Positioning System
***TRN Terrain Relative Navigation
****IBN Image-Based Navigation
*****ATA Automatic Target Acquisition
******IIR Imaging Infra-Red

Som-J Stand Off Mühimmatı Anagorsel

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