Air-to-Surface Ballistic Supersonic Missile 

The UAV-230, which can operate day and night, is an effective weapon used against stationary land and sea targets, air defence radar and communication systems, lightly armoured land or sea vehicles, critical facilities such as command centres, personnel, and targets of opportunity. 

Its operational range is 150+ kilometres, depending on the speed and altitude at which the missile is released. Equipped with a fragmentation warhead, the UAV-230 uses different versions of this warhead against different target types. The system is readied for its mission after completion of the firing preparation process before leaving the UAV.  After being released from the UAV, it falls freely in the air for a certain period and autonomously ignites the solid fuel engine. 

The UAV-230 is guided precisely to the target thanks to its  GNSS-supported inertial guidance capability, which provides a countermeasure against jamming systems. The system functions with a fire-and-forget capability.  It offers the user the opportunity to use it for critical missions without infiltrating deep into enemy positions. 

Technical Specifications

Operating Range 150+ km (*Depends on Altitude and Speed)
Warhead 42 kg Frangible Impact, Armour Piercing, and Thermobaric Options
Weight 225 kg
Height 3.4 m
Target Set Mobile and Stationary Enemy Air Defence Elements, Radar or Communication Elements, Command Centres, Light Armoured Ground Vehicles and Other Targets
Airborne Platforms that can be Integrated AKINCI, AKSUNGUR, etc. UCAVs and KIZILELMA

Land Platforms that can be Integrated Armed Ground Vehicles in the Inventory, Unmanned Ground Vehicles 
Naval Platforms that can be Integrated MİLGEM-Class Ships, SIDAs.


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