Smart Loitering Munition System

ALPAGUT, which can operated day or night, is effective against mobile or stationary land and sea targets, radar and communication systems, critical facilities, personnel and targets of opportunity.

ALPAGUT can be used in single or swarm configurations with an operational radius of 60 kilometers, an operational time more than 60 minutes and different types of warheads.

Once fired or released, the system will enter into target detection, tracking and evaluation mode, hovering in the air and the onboard TV/IIR seeker feeds the real time video image to the operator. ALPAGUT then attacks the identified target after obtaining user approval from the ground autonomously.

ALPAGUT can detect and recognize targets with its dual-mode seeker without being noticed or affected by jamming systems. The target can be pinpointed with an onboard guidance-control system. In addition to all these features, the system also offers significant advantages to its users through its fire and forget ability, and its rapid integration into manned and unmanned land/air/sea vehicles.

Technical Specifications

Operating Range

60+ km


60+ min


11 kg
High Explosive Blast Fragmentation, Armour Piercing and Thermobaric Warhead options


45 kg


2.3 m


Target Set

Mobile and Stationary Air Defence Systems, Radar or Communication Systems, Command Centers, Light Armoured Land Vehicles, etc.

Integrated Air Platforms

MALE and HALE class UAVs, Fixed wing aircraft, attack and general purpose helicopters (i.e. AKINCI, TB-3, AKSUNGUR, ANKA, Hürkuş, ATAK-2, GÖKBEY)

Integrated Land Platforms

Land Vehicles, Unmanned Land Vehicles

Integrated Naval Platforms

Surface Vessels, Unmanned Sea Vehicles

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