Missile Weapon System

Tactical Missile Launching System [TMLS] is a stabilised turret system that can be used both while  stationary and mobile due to its high mobility, its 360 ̊ rotation and its ability to be controlled from inside the vehicle.

Tactical Missile Launching Weapon System [TMLS];

This system can carry four UMTAS/L-UMTAS missiles or eight CİRİT missiles, or two UMTAS/L-UMTAS and four CİRİT Missiles.

The system has high reconnaissance, surveillance and target tracking capabilities, the offers STANAG 3733-compliant autonomous laser marking, full HD IR, TV and SWIR video with ISR [Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance] and a day/night operational capability, operator and command console, MIL- STD-1760 compatibility is a weapon system that provides the user with high control and firepower with onboard spare munition storage areas.

System Specifications

  • This is a High Technology Weapon System that has the Capability of Launching four Different Types of Missiles, İncluding Laser - and IIR- Guided Missiles [UMTAS, L-UMTAS, OMTAS and CİRİT]
  • It is Able to Launch while the Platform is on the Move Thanks to its Stabilised Turret,
  • Strike Precision at Ranges of up to 8 km


  • Light Armoured Vehicles
  • Tanks / Light Armoured Vehicles
  • Anti-Personnel
  • Opportunity Targets

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