Next-Generation Lightweight Torpedo

ORKA is a next-generation lightweight torpedo, against submarine targets. ORKA travels at high developed entirely with national resources that can be speeds, and detects targets through its active/passive launched from surface platforms and aerial vehicles sonar head and internal guidance system.

Technical Specifications

Range 25+ km
Speed 45+ Knot
Targets Submarines
Launcher Platforms Surface Platforms, Helicopters, Maritime Patrol Aircraft, Armoured Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Guidance Active/Passive Sonar Head with Acoustic Counter- Countemeasure Capabilities
Guidance Mode Internal Guidance
Fuze Impact and Explosion
Warhead Shaped Charged Insensitive Warhead
Launch Type Push Out
Drive System Brushless DC Electric Motor + Reverse Rotating Propeller
Battery High-Energy Lithium Battery
Orka Anagorsel

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