Our Policy and
Core Values

Roketsan shall design, manufacture and deliver in a timely manner rockets, missiles and other defence industry products and services, along with civilian sector products suitable to its existing infrastructure, in a way that satisfies the demands and expectations of the Turkish Armed Forces and other clients in the global market, within the framework of National Rocket and Missile Industry Policies, and by adopting a risk-based approach that is in conformance with ethical rules, as well as national and international laws, legislative requirements and standards.

To ensure continuous improvement in efficiency and quality, it shall act in line with the principle of zero defects.

With an understanding of production that prioritises respect for human health and the environment, it shall work towards its goals while preserving employee satisfaction.

Every Roketsan employee is directly responsible for product quality and its production at minimal cost.


Roketsan A.Ş. General Manager

Within the Roketsan Management Policy

The expression “respect for human health and the environment” means:

Ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injury and deterioration of human health
preventing contamination of the environment and ensuring its preservation by considering all risks, including safety concerns relating to the viability of production
consideration of all risks including safety concerns relating to the viability of production

The expression “continuous improvement in efficiency and quality” refers to:

Continuous improvement, with a view to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of quality, occupational health and safety, environment, information security, testing, and experimental and calibration procedures
the raising of employee competences through a philosophy of continuous improvement disseminated throughout the entire company

The expressions “design, manufacture and deliver in a timely manner” and “in line with national and international standards” refers to:

The design, production / provision of service, testing and delivery to the client on time, in line with the relevant national and international standards and / or specifications, in particular those that are part of the management system (ISO 9001, AS 9100, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 17025, AQAP 2110, AQAP 2310, ISO 50001) in place and implemented by Roketsan
the elimination of hazards with a risk-based approach when conducting these activities, and taking measures to minimise risks of all kinds.

The expression “directly responsible for product quality” refers to:

The direct responsibility of every Roketsan employee, by virtue of their duty and responsibilities, to know, and to efficiently and effectively implement, all relevant documents (Policy, directive, manual, procedure, instruction) while abiding by the principles of information security (confidentiality, integrity, accessibility).
All Roketsan employees are responsible for, and are supported in the provision of consulting and participation activities related to our processes, by virtue of their duties and responsibilities.

The expression “conformance with ethical rules” means:

That ethical rules will be respected consistently, and in conformance with the principles of fairness, in all activities undertaken by Roketsan under the topics of Human, Business life and Laws.

Applicable to all Roketsan employees and Related Parties.

Corporate Risk Management Policy

Our Corporate Risk Management Policy is to make risk management an integral part of our corporate culture by integrating the identification, assessment and management of potential risks that may affect the existence, development, permanence of our company and achievement of its goals, with company processes.

Roketsan Information Security Policy;


In order to achieve the above, and in line with the requirements of the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System standard, the aim is to ensure the security of the information assets used for all key processes in Roketsan A.Ş., as well as those related to Foreign Trade, customs, management and administrative organization activities and associated transactions, and the related production and service provision.

For the Eyes of Roketsan Employees and Other Interested Parties.

  • Ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information,
  • Manage all kinds of risks faced by our business continuity and information assets,
  • Preserve the corporate credibility and image of the represented authorities,
  • Ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations in terms of information security,
  • Raise awareness of the importance of information security among all corporate employees,
  • Determine information security considerations vis-a-vis internal and external parties related to corporate activities

Roketsan Energy Management Policy

Roketsan, while designing, manufacturing and testing its products within the framework of the National Rocket and Missile Industry Policies, aims to use energy efficiently in order to protect natural resources and reduce the impacts of climate change.

To this end, Roketsan commits the following:

  • To comply with applicable laws, regulations, national and international standards
  • To raise awareness about energy saving and efficiency, by taking into account the requests and expectations of its stakeholders and related parties and by keeping contentment level of employees
  • To ensure that energy efficiency principles are observed in the products it designs and in which it has them designed
  • To perform its activities by providing the resources it needs for energy saving and efficiency while using its existing infrastructure
  • To continuously improve energy efficiency performance by considering risks and opportunities to achieve sustainable energy goals

Core Values


Satisfying the needs of our shareholders with indigenous products.


Aiming to be a reliable solution partner of our shareholders with our products and services.


Aiming to have a say in the global defence industry with game-changing solutions, based on new and innovative ideas.


Responding quickly to emerging urgent needs of our shareholders and aiming to predict and contribute to the future developments in our industry.

Brave and Pioneering

Strengthening the defence industry by achieving firsts in defence technologies and taking responsibility without hesitation in this way.

Valuing our Employees    

Acting in the knowledge that our most important assets are our employees, whose efforts will carry our company into the future, encouraging them to express their creativity, supporting their continuous development while aiming to create a stable and peaceful working environment.

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