Smart Micro Munition

MAM-C lightweight Smart Micro Munition has been developed for unmanned aerial vehicles [UAV] and  light attack aircraft, and for air-to-ground missions where weight is a critical factor. MAM-C provides high strike precision against static and mobile targets.

Technical Specifications

Diameter 70 mm
Length 970 mm
Weight 6,5 kg
Range 8 km
Guidance Laser Seeker
Warhead Type Multi-purpose Warhead**
Blast Fragmentation,
Armour piercing and Incendiary] High Explosive Blast Fragmentation
Types of Targets Light Armored / Unarmored Vehicles Anti-Personnel
Platforms UAVs
Light Attack Aircraft

***Multi-Purpose Warhead  Blast Fragmentation, Armor Piercing and Incendiary

Mam-C Mini Akıllı Mühimmat Anagorsel

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