Guidance Kit

TEBER is a guidance kit that enhances the hit capability of MK-81 and MK-82 general purpose bombs.

TEBER converts these bombs into smart weapon systems through the incorporation of an Inertial Navigation System [INS], a Global Positioning System [GPS] and a Laser [SAL] Seeker. TEBER increases the ability of the bomb to strike both static and mobile targets with high precision. TEBER can also be detonated by its proximity sensor.

Technical Specifications

Length 2,1 m [TEBER-81]
2,6 m [TEBER-82]
Weight ~ 155 kg [TEBER-81]
~ 270 kg [TEBER-82]
Range 2-28 km
Guidance IMU*
Warhead Type MK-81 / MK-82
Proximity Sensor 2-15 m
Accuracy [CEP] < 3 m

*IMU Inertial Measurement Unit
**GPS Global Positioning System
***SAL Laser Guidance 

Roketsan Teber Video Cover

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