Next-Generation Heavyweight Torpedo

AKYA is a fully indigenous design, new generation Heavyweight Torpedo launched from submarines to engage submarines and surface targets of various types. AKYA is a high speed, long range, fully autonomous or fibre optic wire guided torpedo with active/passive sonar homing head,  In addition, AKYA employs wake homing guidance for surface targets.

AKYA, which operates at high speeds and at long ranges, features an active/passive sonar head, while internal guidance is provided via internal and fibre-optic cabling. It makes use of wake guidance against surface targets.

Technical Specifications

Range 50+ Km
Speed 45+ Knots
Targets Submarines, Surface Targets
Guidance Active/Passive Sonar Head with Acoustic Counter- Countermeasure Capability and Wake Guidance
Guidance Mode Self Guidance 
Onboard Guidance via fibreoptic cable 
Fuze Proximity / Impact 
Warhead Insensitive Warhead with Underwater Shock Effect
Launch Type Swim-Out
Propulsion System Brushless DC Electrical Motor + Counter-rotating Propeller System
Battery High-Energy Chemical Battery
Akya Anagorsel

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