Next-Generation Heavy-Class Torpedo

AKYA is a next-generation heavy class torpedo that has been developed entirely with national resources, and that can be launched from submarines against other submarine targets of different classes.

AKYA, which operates at high speeds and at long ranges, features an active/passive sonar head, while internal guidance is provided via internal and fibre-optic cabling. It makes use of wake guidance against surface targets.

Technical Specifications

Range 50+ Km
Speed 45+ Knots
Targets Submarines, Surface Ships
Guidance Active/Passive Sonar Head with Acoustic Counter- Countermeasure Capability and Wake Guidance
Guidance Mode Internal Guidance External Guidance via Fibreoptic Cable
Fuze Proximity Sensor / Impact and Explosion
Warhead Insensitive Warhead with Underwater Shock Effect
Tube Leave Leaving the Tube by Navigating
Drive System Brushless DC Electric Motor + Reverse Rotating Propeller
Battery High-Energy Chemical Battery
Akya Anagorsel

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