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Talent Management


We are proud to be amongst the world's top 100 companies in the defense industry with our indigenous and national products. We look forward to seeing you in our team on this journey for the future of our country.



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Career Opportunities

One of the most key elements of our approach to human capital and our vision focused on attracting, retaining and developing qualified workforce is the importance we attach to career development. With our career management system, we aim to train the expert staff and leaders of the future.

To this end, it is among our key priorities to evaluate effectively our employees at all levels, who constantly achieve their goals, develop their competencies, prepare themselves for responsibilities beyond their job description, are willing to take responsibility, in order to ensure their career advancement and development in a way that will contribute to the success and productivity of our organization.


Candidate Engineer Program

Through the Candidate Engineer program, we aim to bring young talents, in their last year of undergraduate studies, to our Roketsan family. You can start your career one step ahead and with the proper guidance, and build your own future and Roketsan's future with this program! If you want to participate in professional life with our program full of innovative and development opportunities and to explore the world of technology during your final year, we are waiting for your applications.

Internship Program

ROKETSAN has adopted as a key strategy to meet the rocket and missile requirements of our country, with the indigenous and critical technologies as well as domestic reliable system solutions it has developed within more than a quarter-century since its foundation as well as to create high value for its stakeholders and employees.

With its indigenous and domestic products, Roketsan continues to progress towards its global goals and to be the pride of our country.

You can also make a start in your career with our internship program as a part of our family that produces domestic and national projects in which Turkey's future is built.


University Collaborations

Within the framework of our company's vision, we collaborate with the universities in order to build teams that are innovation-oriented, agile, shaping the technologies of the future, and capable of achieving change management, for the future of our country, as well as to train future leaders and to employ them in our organization.

  • Joint Courses
  • Bachelor's Degree Projects
  • Career Fairs



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