Laser Guided Long-Range Anti-Tank Missile System

Laser Guided Long Range Anti-Tank Missile System [L-UMTAS] is an anti-tank precision-guided missile  system developed primarily for integration with helicopter platforms.

The laser guidance and tandem armour-piercing warhead features of L-UMTAS ensure its effectivity against both static and mobile targets. The missile can lock onto the target before or after launch.

System Specifications

  • Capability of Operating Day & Night
  • Lock-On Before Launch [LOBL] or Lock-On After Launch [LOAL]
  • Effective against Static and Mobile Targets
  • Insensitive Munition Characteristics against Fuel Fire and Bullet Impact


  • Attack Helicopters
  • Light Attack Aircraft
  • Land Vehicles
  • Naval Platforms

Technical Specifications

Diameter 160 mm
Length 1,8 m
Weight 37,5 kg
Range 8 km
Seeker Semi-Active Laser Seeker
Warhead Type Tandem Anti-Tank
High Explosive Anti-Tank Blast Fragmentation, Thermobaric
Launcher Quadruple or Double
Standard Interface MIL-STD-1760
L-Umtas Lazer Güdümlü Uzun Menzilli Tanksavar Füze Sistemi Anagorsel

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