The Company

  • The Company

    Roketsan, was founded in 1988 by the resolution of the Defense Industries Executive Committee for the purpose of “possessing a leading institution in the country for designing, developing…

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  • Quality Policy

    ROKETSAN, in conformity with national and international standards, designs, producers and timely delivers rockets, missiles and other defense industry products and services in a manner …

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  • Ethical Principles

    ROKETSAN members are true to their word, transparent and reliable, they take honesty and morality as the most essential factors and they always adhere to them, they maintain others respect to themselves and to ROKETSAN…

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2,75” Laser Guided missile, CİRİT was designed for the purpose of filling the gap between cheap, unguided rockets with low precision and the high cost, guided anti – tank missiles.

CİRİT can be fired from standard CİRİT POD developed by ROKETSAN as well as from Smart Pod…

UMTAS, which was developed by ROKETSAN primary for use from attack helicopters, is an antitank missile system. With its advanced technology it is highly effective against all armored threats in the field. UMTAS, with its maximum range of 8 km and minimum range of 500 m is capable of operating all weather conditions and day/night…

Submarine Defense War (DSH) Rocket and Launcher System
Underwater defense warfare (DSH) Rocket and Launcher System is a weapon system which was developed to be used against subsurface targets from surface platforms, which can be used at a range between 500 – 2000 m and a depth 15 – 300 m, which can function as integrated to the weapon management system and the sonar of the surface platform and which has the capability of automatic direction

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