Roketsan Presents Its Latest System Solutions at Singapore Airshow

Roketsan showcased many of its cutting edge system solutions at Singapore Airshow, the leading aviation event in Asia, held between February 16-21, 2016.

Roketsan took place as the only Turkish company attending the show among the leading players of defence sector.

Deputy Minister of National Defence of the Republic of Turkey Şuay ALPAY, Turkish Ambassador to Singapore Hakkı Taner SEBEN, the Minister of Defence of Singapore Ng Eng HEN and Minister of Transport of Singapore Boon WAN visited our booth and took detailed information about our products. Additionally, high level officers from United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore, Oman, Qatar, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Tunisia, Brasil and other countries visiting Roketsan booth were given detailed presentations.

International press focused on our products such as Long Range Antitank Missile UMTAS, Laser Guided Long Range Antitank Missile L-UMTAS, Stand-off Missile SOM, New Generation Stand-off Missile SOM-J and 2.75” Laser Guided Missile CİRİT stating that “Turkey’s Roketsan missile maker expands portfolio and capabilities”.