SOM-J is an air-to-surface missile designed to use against heavily defended, high-value maritime and land targets. The missile’s modular design supports necessary operational flexibility.

SOM-J provides enhanced capabilities by building on existing SOM air-to-surface cruise missile technologies already in service with the Turkish Air Force.

SOM-J complements other long range weapon systems and provides an affordable solution to maximize stealth and stand-off across the battlespace.

System Specifications

• Low Radar Cross Section
• Survivable
• High Precision Terminal Guidance with IIR Seeker and Data Link
• Resistance to Countermeasures/Clutter
• Network Enabled Weapon (NEW) Capability
• Target of Opportunity Capability
• Selectable Impact Parameters
• In-Flight Retargeting
• Universal Armament Interface (UAI) Compatibility

Technical Specifications

Weight~540 kg
Range150+ nm
GuidanceInertial Navigation System
Global Positioning System
Terrain Relative Navigation
Image Based Navigation
Automatic Target Acquisition
Warhead TypeFragmentation
Armor Piercing
Warhead Weight~140 kg
SeekerImaging Infrared Seeker
PlatformsF-35 (JSF)
SpeedHigh Subsonic