ROKETSAN Ballistic Protection Center (BPC) has been established to fulfill the ballistic protection requirements of military and civilian platforms. BPC is capable of designing, developing, producing and testing composite and explosive reactive armors (ERA) for lightly and heavy armored vehicles. It also provides force protection and Elastic Layered Armor System solutions to increase protection level of armored vehicles against RPG threats.

Technical Specifications

• Heavy Armor Ceramic Block Production
• Oxide and Non-Oxide Ceramic Armor Production Infrastructure
• Infrastructure for Production of Passive Armor Materials
• Advanced Ceramics: AI203, Sic, Hp-B4c, etc.
• Support Materials: Aramide, Ultmwpe, S2 Glass, etc.
• High Hardness Ceramic Grinding, Cutting Confinement and Armor Welding Infrastructure
• Insensitive Reactive Armor Explosive Material Production
• Armor Integration Facility


ERA system is a hybrid armor system developed to increase survivability of armored combat vehicles and their modernization. Different energetic material technologies, from those developed for main battle tanks, to self-limiting reactive armor, to light armored vehicles are employed in ERA.

System Specifications

• Maximum Protection Against Anti-Tank missiles (ATGM) and RPG Type Threats
• Protection Against Tandem Warheads
• Insensitive Explosive
• Minimum Collateral Damage
• Modular System – Easy Mounting and Dismounting
• Applicable on Different Type Vehicles
• No Maintenance Required

Armor Kits Against Mine and Improvised Explosive Devices

Due to Mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) being among the primary threats against military units, ROKETSAN has developed various ballistic protection systems, including armor and protection systems of the ALTAY Main Battle Tank. These systems have been designed in compliance with armored vehicles in the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces and tested in accordance with STANAG 4569 AEP 55 Volume 2 and Volume 3. The mine kits provide protection against mines in accordance with STANAG Levels II-IV.

Composite Armor System

Composite Armor System is a modern and light protection solution for kinetic and shaped charge ammunition and can be installed on land, naval and air platforms. At BPC ROKETSAN produces both passive composite armor plates from ceramic powder, and reactive armor plates from energetic materials with integrated armor modules.

Base Protection

Base Protection Systems provide modular, portable and easily mountable ballistic protection against various threats for military camps. They also protect the critical facilities and areas against kinetic energy ammunition, mortar and RPG threats.

Force Protection System (RZB-20/20B)

The patented RZB-20/20B Composite Armor Block developed by ROKETSAN BPC for increasing the protection of bases is especially designed to protect against effects of light weapons, shrapnel and high explosives. Due to its modular structure, it can be easly installed and replaced.

Force Protection Systems (RZP-10)

RZP-10, developed for the protection of containers against blast effect and shrapnel of mortar rounds, is a protection panel integrated to reinforced containers with elevated roof.

The patented RZP-10 can be easily installed due to its modular structure.

Force Protection Systems (RZK-7)

RZK-7, used with Composite Armor Blocks, has a caged structure and is part of the Force Protection Systems. RZK-7 can easily be positioned and relocated due to its modular structure.