ALKA Directed Energy Weapon System (DEWS) neutralizes or totally destructs targets such as Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), mini/micro unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), drones, mini/micro unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) carrying a variety of payloads (camera, explosives, etc.) as well as swarm attacks.

System Specifications

• Automatic Aiming to Target Detected by Radar
• Automatic Target Detection and Tracking Through Artificial Intelligence Assisted Image Processing (Minimum False Alarm Rate)
• Standalone Use without Radar
• EJS* 4,000 m
• Effective Laser Destruction Range 500 m
• Effective Destruction Range of 1,000 m with Electromagnetic Destruction System
• Independent of Number of Targets, Interception Capability Against Swarm Attacks

• Selection of Precise Destruction Point on the Target
• Tracking and Destruction of High Speed Targets (150 km/hr)
• High Precision Target Tracking (8 mm Precision at 1,000 m)
• Multiple Target Tracking
• Day/Night Operations
• Surveillance Only Mode
• Reduction of Operator Cognitive Workload through Neuro-Ergonomics Approach
• Low Cost per Shot
• Successive Firing Capability

Areas of Use

• Urban Operations (against IEDs)
• Protection of Military Units
• Protection of Government Buildings
• Protection of Airports
• Protection of Residential Areas
• Protection of High-Tech Production Facilities
• Protection of Power Plants
• Protection of VIP
• Protection of Other Critical Facilities

Mobile Use

• Ability to Perform on 4X4 Vehicle
• Operation within the Cabin
• Internal Power Unit
• Modular Configuration
• Deployment on Desired Location
• Easy Operation with 2 Personnel

Stationary Use

• Tower or Shelter Configuration
• Remote Operation from the Command Center
• Use of External Power Sources
• Easy Operation with Single Personnel