Our Policy and Core Values


Within the context of the National Rocket and Missile Industry Policies, Roketsan is committed to the design, manufacture and delivery of rockets, missiles and other defence industry products and services, on time and in a way that fully satisfies the requirements and expectations of both the Turkish Armed Forces and global clients. Roketsan is further committed to conduct these services in full compliance with the laws and legislation currently in force, as well as all applicable national and international standards.

For the purpose of enhancing quality and efficiency, Roketsan will conduct manufacturing activities by continuously implementing the principles of improvement and accuracy.

It will achieve all its objectives through prioritizing the welfare of its employees and by ensuring that manufacturing takes place with full regard for the environment and human health.

Each employee in Roketsan is directly responsible for ensuring that the products are manufactured to the highest quality and for the minimum cost.


In the policy;

The statement ‘full regard for the environment and human health’ means;

  • The prevention of injury and impairment of human health
  • The prevention of environmental pollution and the assessment of all risks, including security, involved in the manufacturing of the products
  • Assessment of all risks involved in the manufacturing of the products including security

The statement, ‘continuous improvement for the purpose of enhancing quality and efficiency’ means;

  • Continuous improvement for the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment, Information Security, testing as well as the experimental and calibration performance, taking into consideration state-of-the-art technology,

The statement ‘design, manufacture and deliver, on time and in full compliance with national and international standards,’ means;

  • Designing, manufacturing, servicing, testing and delivering the products on time, and in a way that complies with the current and future Management System standards and/or specifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001, ISO 17025, AQAP 2110, CMMI III) that remain part of Roketsan and to the applicable national and international standards, as well as the ethical principles of Roketsan,

The statement “Each employee in Roketsan is directly responsible for ensuring that the products are manufactured to the highest quality” means;

  • Each employee in Roketsan is immediately responsible for ensuring that all the documentation (policies, directives, manuals, instructions) that are needed for the effective and efficient performance of his/her duties and responsibilities are understood and principles of information security (confidentiality, integrity, accessibility) are met during all stages of the work.

Roketsan Roket Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Information Security Policy;

Roketsan Information Security Policy aims to maintain the information security of all the physical and digital information assets that are part of Roketsan’s information technology, by fulfilling the requirements of “ISO 27001 Information Security Management” in order to:

  • Manage all types of risk against our business sustainability and information assets,
  • Safeguard the reliability of the organisation as well as its prestigious image,
  • Comply with laws and regulations regarding information security,
  • Raise employees’ awareness of information security


IndigenousSatisfying the needs of our shareholders with indigenous products.
ReliableAiming to be a reliable solution partner of our shareholders with our products and services.
InnovativeAiming to have a say in the global defence industry with game-changing solutions, based on new and innovative ideas.
AgileResponding quickly to emerging urgent needs of our shareholders and aiming to predict and contribute to the future developments in our industry.
Brave and PioneeringStrengthening the defence industry by achieving firsts in defence technologies and taking responsibility without hesitation in this way.
Valuing our EmployeesActing in the knowledge that our most important assets are our employees, whose efforts will carry our company into the future, encouraging them to express their creativity, supporting their continuous development while aiming to create a stable and peaceful working environment.