Career Development And Opportunities

Our main goal is to cultivate the specialist cadres and leaders for the future through our career management system. To this end, our priorities are to have our employees at all levels who always reach their goals, develop their skills, prepare themselves for responsibilities above their current level and are willing to shoulder responsibilities, evaluated in the most efficient manner, provided with opportunities to develop themselves and progress up the career steps to contribute to the success and performance of the company.

Career development in our company may be possible in either vertical or horizontal promotion.

Vertical Promotion: In order to be promoted to the next higher position, possession of personal properties such as the knowledge and experience required for the position. For each position the vertical promotion steps and the conditions for each step are defined by regulations. In such promotions, the most important criteria are the printouts from the performance management system

Horizontal Promotion: It is essential to fill the open positions in our company with Roketsan employees with priority. The open positions and the required qualities for such positions are announced internally and applications are collected. The position title of the Roketsan employee most suitable for the job is changed accordingly, his/her staff title remaining the same.