T-122/300 MBRL Weapon System

T-122/300 Multi-Caliber and Multi-Barrel Rocket Launching (MBRL) System The T-122/300 MBRL System is a highly-mobile modern re support system which performs mass lethal fire with 122 mm and 300 mm rockets and missiles from a close battle area of 3 kilometers to a depth of more than 100 kilometers. In addition to 122 mm and 300 mm rockets, the system has a flexible structure to firere other types of rockets and guided munitions of the future.

In addition to the launchers regarding the minimum battery configuration needs and in the framework of the customer-focused system approach to augment the effective usage of the T-122/300 MBRL System, ROKETSAN also designs and promotes critical support vehicles such as the Command & Control Vehicle, the Ammo Supply Vehicle, the MET Vehicle and the Repair Vehicle.

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T-122/300 MBRL Battery Structure

The T-122/300 MBRL Battery is capable of performing independent missions by the use of mission support vehicles. A typical T-122/300 battery is composed of 1 x C-122/300 Command & Control Vehicle, 6 x T-122/300 Launcher, 6 x L-122/300 Ammo Supply Vehicle, 1 x M-122/300 MET Vehicle and 1 x R-122/300 Repair Vehicle. The number and type of vehicles can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

A Typical T-122/300 Battery Organization

The Command & Control System and Weapon Management System of the battery can be integrated with modern fire support automation (tactical fire direction system) and battle field command- control and management systems. It provides an opportunity for onboard or an assigned target acquisition radar or unmanned aerial vehicles.

C-122/300 Command & Control Vehicle

The C-122/300 Command & Control Vehicle coordinates missions on battery level connecting with higher command. The C-122/300 is a mission vehicle that provides the management of technical fire and the command and control functions in order to manage the battery. The C-122/300 can be used as the Command & Control Vehicle at battalion level as well.

  • 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle
  • Air-Conditioned, EMI/EMC Protected Shelters in NATO Standards
  • Command Control System
  • Communication System (Wired/Wireless Voice-Data)
  • Low Altitude Meteorological System
  • Ground Meteorological System
  • Power Supply and Distribution System
  • Five Man Crew

T-122/300 Launcher

The T-122/300 Launcher is a highly mobile system with superior fire power which is capable of firing 40 x 122 mm and 4 x 300 mm caliber rockets or missiles within a short period.

  • 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle
  • Multi-Caliber Cradle for 122 mm Caliber 2 x 20 and 300 mm Caliber 2 x 2 Sealed Rocket and Missile Pods
  • Sealed Pods Against Adverse Weather and Environmental Conditions and Minimized Loading Time
  • Flexible Cradle and Weapon Management System for Other Types of Ammunition of the Future
  • INS/GPS Navigation System
  • Automatic Laying System with the Use of INU
Weapon Management System
  • Communication System 
(Wired/Wireless – Voice/Data)
Hydraulic Stabilization System
Integrated Ground Meteorology System
  • Cabin Pressurization System (Optional)
  • Power Supply and Distribution System
Local (Inside Driver’s Cab) or Remote Firing Capability
Ready to Fire in Maximum 5 Minutes
Ballistic Protection (Optional)
Two Man Crew

L-122/300 Ammo Supply Vehicle

The L-122/300 Ammo Supply Vehicle is the mission vehicle which performs ammunition transportation, loading the T-122/300 in all weather and terrain conditions in the field.

  • 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle
  • Integrated Ammunition Supply Crane
  • Hydraulic Stabilization System
  • Communication System (wired/wireless voice)
  • Three Man Crew

M-122/300 Meteorological (MET) Vehicle

The M-122/300 has a High Altitude MET System and a Ground MET System. The M-122/300 MET Vehicle provides the required high altitude meteorological reports and sends them to the C-122/300 Command & Control Vehicle and to the T-122/300 Launcher for ballistic calculation before firing.

  • 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle
  • Air-Conditioned, EMI/EMC Protected Shelters in NATO Standards
  • Power Supply and Distribution System
  • High Altitude Meteorological (MET) System
  • Ground Meteorological (MET) System
  • Communication System (Wired/Wireless Voice-Data)
  • Three Man Crew

R-122/300 Repair Vehicle

The R-122/300 is a mission support vehicle which performs maintenance and repair functions in the field at a unit level within a T-122/300 battery. The R-122/300 can be used as a second level maintenance vehicle at battalion level as well.

  • 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle
  • Air-Conditioned, EMI/EMC Protected Shelters in NATO Standards
  • Hydraulic Crane
  • Recovery Winch
  • Power Supply and Distribution System
  • Communication System (Wired/Wireless Voice-Data)
  • Repair & Maintenance Kits
  • Three Man Crew

Deterrent Force

The T-122/300 is also a deterrent force due to its long range and mass fire capabilities. It is therefore ready for vital tasks in a very wide array of missions from peace support operations to the attack with fire missions in addition to standard tactical missions for the support of a maneuvering force.

Shoot and Scout

The T-122/300 Launcher has shoot-and-scout capabilities with its high-tech navigation and automatic laying systems. It has an INS/GPS navigation system and automatic laying system integrated to the weapon management system. It is able to fire at a maximum of five minutes after stopping at the firing position and once the fire mission has been accomplished, it can leave for the next position in a maximum of five minutes. Therefore, the T-122/300 can carry out many fire missions in a very short period on the battle field and then be ready for further missions.


The T-122/300 has the minimized vulnerability on the battle field because of its shoot and scout capability of quick emplacement and displacement, its high mobility and because of its secure digital and voice communication capability.

High Mobility

The T-122/300 launcher platform is a highly mobile 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 tactical wheeled vehicle which provides superior on-road and o -road travel capacity. Its strong structure provides a very reliable platform. Having a very powerful engine and distinctive design, it has travel speed in both on-road and o -road conditions.


The T-122/300 can be transported by all transportation means; land, air, sea and rail. It is transportable by almost all types of cargo planes. Therefore, the T-122/300 is able to support overseas operations in addition to operations in its own territories.

Minimum Crew

Due to the fully automatic weapon control, navigation and laying systems, the T-122/300 has a crew of just two, consisting of a commander and a driver. However, the crew number can be increased according to the user’s needs.


The flexibility of the T-122/300 MBRL makes it a very important fire support asset. The multi-caliber launch, variety of munitions, the organizational structure and transportability are the main capabilities in addition to the other capabilities mentioned above to provide and enhance the flexibility of the T-122/300. The multi-caliber launch and variety of munitions give fire support planners flexibility for the fire planning to support maneuvering forces. The T-122/300 organizational structure and modern sub- systems allow assignment of tactical missions down to platoon or section level if required. In addition to the 122 mm and 300 mm rockets/missiles, the T-122/300 is able to re rockets and guided munitions of the future due to its flexible and modular structure. The T-122/300 launcher platform is a 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 tactical wheeled vehicle whose brand and models are chosen according to the customer’s logistical infra-structure and demand. It is equipped with the necessary mechanical, electrical and electronic sub-systems to perform various steps required (mission planning, deployment, ballistic calculation, laying etc.) in order to conduct a ring mission. The T-122/300 system can be customized in different versions, which have different sub-systems including platform (vehicles), radios, power sources, navigation system etc., in various brands and models according to the user’s logistical infra-structure and needs.

Sealed Pod

The T-122/300 is a launching platform with superior fire power that can fire 40 rounds 122 mm rockets/missiles or 4 rounds 300 mm rockets/missiles. It uses sealed and thermal insulated rocket pods for 122 mm and 300 mm rockets/missiles with minimum reloading time and maximum protection against adverse environmental conditions for munitions.

Multi Caliber Launch

The T-122/300 Launcher has the capability to launch both 122 mm and 300 mm rockets/missiles, giving the T-122/300 units the capability to cover the target area from three kilometers up to more than 100 kilometers in range. Depending on the threat and the mission, it can be loaded in advance with the required type of rockets or missiles.

Technical Specifications

Diameter 122/300 mm
Number of Tubes Sealed and Thermally Insulated
40 (2 x 20) 122 mm
4 (2 x 2) 300 mm
Min. Salvo Interval 0.5 sec (122 mm Rockets)
6 sec (300 mm Rokets)
Vehicle 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 Tactical Wheeled Truck
Cradle Laying Automatic by Weapon Management System Manual Back Up
Stabilization 4 Hydraulic Jacks
Navigation System INS/GPS