TRG-300 TIGER Missile

TRG-300 Missile is used for accurate re missions against critical targets in the depths of battlefield. The TRG-300 Missile is capable of hitting target points between 30 km-120 km with high precision. The TRG-300 Missile provides timely, accurate and effective fire support to maneuver forces. TRG-300 Missiles are stored and handled in sealed pods and can be launched from ROKETSAN made Modernized MBRL Weapon System, T-122/300 MBRL Weapon System, MCRL-122/300 Launching Vehicles and other platforms with applicable interfaces for integration.

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Technical Specifications

Diameter 300 mm
Maximum Range 120 km
Minimum Range 30 km
Weight 585 kg
Guidance Global Navigation Satellite System Aided Inertial Navigation System (GNSS Aided INS)
Control Aerodynamic Control with Electromechanical Actuation System
Propellant Type Composite Solid
Warhead Type Fragmentation (Steel Ball)
Warhead Weight 105 kg
Warhead Effective Radius ≥ 70 m
Fuze Type Proximity (with Point Detonating Backup)
Accuracy Less than 50 m