CSC | Counter measure Launching System Support Center

Project Definition

Roketsan has undertaken the task of establishing the support center, CMDS, for the development and the optimization of the Counter Measure Launching System launching programs covered by Counter Measure Launching System Center project under Helicopter Electronics warfare Program Counter Measure Launching System and Munitions Project. For this purpose fully original Computerized Simulation System and Equipped Closed Loop Simulation System is being designed and developed.

Project Description

Roketsan is providing the work packages under CSC Project;

  • SupportCenterSystems (CMDSSupportCenter- CSC);
    • Computerized Simulation System (PC Simulation).
    • Equipped ClosedLoopSimulation System (HITL).
  • Support Equipment (For the repair and maintenance of Support Center System).
  • Supplies (Spare parts and repair materials for the Support Center Systems and Support Equipment).
  • Services (tests, technical support, and training).
  • Documentation

CSC Simulation System is comprised two main systems:

  • Computerized Simulation System (IR and RF)
  • Equipped ClosedLoopSimulation System (IR)

Computerized Simulation is event simulation software to be used for the preparation, playing and analysis of the scenarios for one – to – one engagement between aircraft equipped with CMDS and other counter measure systems and IR / RF threat systems as well as for the optimization of IR jamming activity. Equipped Closed Loop Simulation System will be used for verifying the launching programs in a medium in which there are launching programs optimized by computerized simulation software and actual missile equipment and where the instance of missile detector versus infrared is simulated and the real time simulation software is run, by providing the user the means to define a one – to – one engagement between air platform and IR missile.