Smart Micro Munition

Classified Smart 50 lbas Micro and “Micro Length Munition”, munition less than with 1 m, an optimized weight less for use from all UAV classes and light attack aircraft where minimum payload weight is the most critical mission requirement.

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System General Description

  • Laser seeker provides precision accuracy and effectiveness against stationary and moving targets.
  • Soft targets such as light structures, ground vehicles, radar antennas and anti-personnel at 25 m radius are possible targets for the blast fragmentation warhead.
  • 8 km maximum range depending on launch altitude.


Diameter 160 mm
Length 1 m
Weight 22 kg
Max. Range 8 km
Warhead Types Anti Armour
High Explosive
Guidance Laser Seeker
Target Types Heavy Armored/Armored Vehicles
Platforms UAV’s, Light Attack Aircrafts