SOM-J Stand Off Missile for JSF F-35

SOM-J is an air-to-surface missile to be used against heavily defended, high-value ASuW and land targets such as SAM sites, exposed aircrafts, strategic assets, command and control centers, and naval vessels. Its modular design supports the required operational flexibility.
The SOM-J provides enhanced capabilities by building on existing SOM air-to-surface cruise missile technology already in service to the Turkish Air Force.

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Main Features

  • Long Range (120+ NM)
  • Low Observable
  • Highly Survivable
  • High Precision Navigation with INS/GPS/TRN/IBN
  • Highly Precise Terminal Guidance with IIR and Data Fusion
  • Target of Opportunity Capability
  • In-Flight Retargeting
  • Network Enabled Weapon (NEW) Capability
  • Universal Armament Interface (UAI) Compatibility

Technical Specifications

Length ~4 meters
Weight 1000-lb Class
Range 120+ NM
Warhead ~310-lb Blast Fragmentation / Semi-Armor Piercing
Seeker Imaging Infrared
Guidance System INS / GPS / TRN / IBN / ATA
Platform F-35 / F-16