OMTAS Medium Range Anti-Tank Weapon System

OMTAS is equipped with state of the art technologies making it effective against all armored threats of the modern battlefield. OMTAS is a new generation, man portable middle range anti-tank weapon system, which is made up of the launching tripod, fire control unit, sighting unit (composing the launcher unit) and the missile.

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OMTAS was developed for use against armored targets at a range of 4 km through firing from its own tripod.
All-up-round OMTAS Missile can be integrated onto land vehicles, stabilized land platforms and remote controlled turrets.


  • Imaging Infrared Seeker with Automatic Target Tracker
  • Tandem Warhead Effective Against All Types of Heavy Armored Vehicles
  • Day & Night and All Weather Operational Capabilities
  • Effective Against Stationary and Moving Targets
  • Lock On Before Launch / Lock on After Launch
  • Fire and Forget / Fire and Update Operating Modes
  • Setting Coordinates of the Target on Launcher Unit
  • Firing Behind Covers
  • Switching Targets
  • Hit Point Update on Target
  • Indoor and Outdoor Type Simulators
  • Modular Design of the Launcher Unit
  • Modular Design of the Launch Unit Enables Sight Unit to be Used as a Stand Alone Unit.

Technical Specifications

Operating Modes• Fire and Forget
• Fire and Update
• Lock on Before Launch
• Lock on After Launch

Range 200 – 4000 m
Diameter of the Missile 160 mm
Weight of the Missile 35 kg (Inc. Launch Tube)
Length of the Missile 1800 mm (Inc. Launch Tube and Shock Absorbers)
Weight of the Launcher Unit 36 kg
Seeker Imaging Infrared (IIR), Uncooled Type
Attack Modes Direct and Top Attacks
Operating Temperature -35°C and +60°C
Storage Temperature -40°C and +60°C
Operating Altitude -300 m and +3000 m
Shelf Life of Missile 10 years
Shelf Life of Launcher Unit 20 years
Sight Unit on the Launcher Unit TV/Termal Camera