L-UMTAS Laser Guided Long Range Anti-Tank Missile System

L-UMTAS is a long range anti-tank missile system primarily developed to operate from attack helicopter platforms. L-UMTAS is equipped with state of the art technologies making it effective against all armored threats of the modern battlefield.

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Tactical Characteristics

  • Day and Night Operational Capability
  • Fire Behind Mask
  • Effective Against Stationary and Moving Targets
  • Wide Firing Envelope Allows Off-Boresight Engagement
  • Insensitive Munition Type V Capability Against Fuel Fire and Bullet Impact
  • Qualified and integrated to T-129 Atak Helicopter in 2016. first serial production batch is delivered to Turkish Armed Forces in 2017

L-UMTAS can be integrated to various platforms such as helicopter, light armored vehicle, close air support aircraft, UAV, fixed ground platforms and naval platforms.

System Specifications


Effective Range 500 m – 8000 m
Diameter 160 mm
Length 1800 mm
Weight 37.5 kg
Seeker Semi Active Laser
Warhead Tandem High Energy Antitank Warhead / High Explosive Blast Fragmentation Warhead


Number of Missiles 4
Weight 60 kg
Standard Interface MIL-STD-1760