Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Rocket and Launcher System

The ASW Rocket is launched from naval platforms and effective against the underwater targets. Integrated with the sonar system of the naval platform, it can be used in 500-2000 m range and 15-300 m depth. The ASW weapon system is capable of automatic launcher laying.

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Roketsan ASW rocket can be fired in single or salvo modes from the stabilized launcher located on a naval platform. Detonation depth can be controlled remotely by using time setting fuze. ASW rocket has insensitive (IM) high explosive warhead and IM motor which are desired in modern naval weapon systems. The ASW Launching System (developed by Aselsan) has stabilization, automatic and manual launcher laying capabilities. The Fire Control System is capable of processing the navigation and target data obtained from the naval platform.

Technical Specifications

Range 500 – 2000 m
Depth of Detonation 15 – 300 m
Warhead High Explosive (HE), Insensitive (IM)
Fuze Time Setting (Depth Control by Fire Control Computer Remotely)
Diamater 196 mm
Weight(Rocket) 35.5 kg
Weight(with Tube) 43 kg
Length (Rocket) 1300 mm
Salvo Interval ^0.8 sec
Explosive Weight 12 kg
Propellent Type Reduced Smoke Composite
Warhead Type High Explosive, Insensitive
Launching System Stabilized, Automatic Launcher Laying Using Ship Sonar Data
Number of Rockets in the Launcher 6
Launcher Laying Automatic – Manual
Firing System Weight 1200 kg