RZB-20 ROKETSAN Armor Block

RZB-20; Composite Armor Block, developed by ROKETSAN BPC for increasing the protection of base zones in several locations of Turkey, is especially designed for medium caliber munitions such as 14.5 mm. ROKETSAN patented RZB-20 provides superior protection against threats, which arise from light weapons, shrapnel and high explosives and it has a multipurpose use characteristic. Armor block is one of the products developed for Force Protection System and because of its modular structure, it can be easily installed and changed quickly where and when necessary. RZB-20 is a high strength composite protection block containing various special materials,
and it was designed and qualified in 2012. In the same year, deliveries were made to the Turkish Armed Forces. Studies have been completed on more modular and light weight versions of the RZB 20 Blocks, considering specific conditions of each base zone.

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