ALDEBARAN GPS and GLONASS Receiver is a flight proven receiver that is verified and qualified for usage at different guided munitions and platforms. With its broad dynamic range of operation and operability at severe environmental conditions, it is a dynamic receiver that can produce solutions at GNSS signal degraded environments. Since the receiver uses civilian GPS and GLONASS signals, it can also be used at civilian applications.

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All electronic, mechanical and software design is made by using national resources.

Verified and Qualified Receptor

GPS and GLONASS receiver is verified and qualified in accordance with Mil-STD 810F, Mil-STD 461E and ESA 22900 standards.

Software Defined Design

GPS and GLONASS receiver is software defined receiver. Thus, it can easily be modified to different global navigation satellite systems’ signal structures and it can easily be modified to meet different platform needs.

Various Platforms

GPS and GLONASS receiver which is qualified for military usage can be used for various platforms
at land, sea or air.

Technical Specifications

Channel Count12 GPS L1

Horizontal Position Accuracy*

≤ 6 m (RMS) Static
≤ 10 m (RMS) DynamicVertical Position Accuracy*≤ 10 m (RMS) Static
≤ 15 m (RMS) DynamicVelocity Accuracy*≤ 0.1 m/s RMS Static
≤ 0.5 m/s RMS DynamicDate Rate≥ 5 Hz Measurements
≥ 5 Hz PositionTime To First Fix≤ 40 s Cold Start
≤ 10 s Hot StartReacquisition Time1 s

Dynamic Range

Velocity** ≥ 1400 m/s
Acceleration ± 10 g (Operational)
± 65 g (Survivability)
Altitude** ≥ 40000 m
Power 26-30 V nominal power usage 12 W
Electrical Interface Full-duplex and half-duplex RS 485 interfaces
RS 232 Debug interface
USB interface for software update
Volume Diameter 149 mm
Height 49 mm
Mess 826 gr
Temperature -40°C to +85°C (Operational)

[*] Typical value for GDOP< 2.5, Accuracy depends on GPS and GLONASS system and signal characteristics, ionospheric and troposoheric conditions, multipath effects, existence of jamming and spoofing signals
[**] Subject to export license for velocities bigger than or equal to 515 m/and for altitudes higher than 18000 meters