Ethical Principles

To be dependable and respectable

Roketsan members are true to their word, transparent and reliable, they take honesty and morality as the most essential factors and they always adhere to them, they maintain other’s respect to themselves and to Roketsan.

To be sharing

Roketsan members are sharing in all their relations with their partners; they are aware of the fact that sharing is the driving power of progress and advancement.

To be open to progress, evolution and criticism

Uninterrupted self-renewal, ceaseless search for being better and more productive, questioning the way in which the work assigned can be done best, in the shortest time possible to such questions are inseparable parts of Roketsan’s culture.

Roketsan members are open to new ideas and changes; they remove the impediments to creativity and transform critics into opportunities to further develop themselves.

To be honest, open and fair in the relations with partners 

Roketsan members are honest and open towards all their partners, whether in the company or otherwise, they have a strong sense of justice.

Taking on Responsibility at the Highest Level and Displaying Exemplary Behavior

Roketsan members take over responsibilities at the highest level in connection with their duty and do whatever is required for it. Willing participation is expected from the members of Roketsan in creating a rational, well planned, efficient, participating, harmonious and comfortable work environment and sustaining such an environment.

On the other hand, managers at every level inform their personnel about the work principles, policies and practices which, altogether, comprise the corporate culture, serve as a model fro them their behavior and always support them. In this context, to have the teamwork culture well adopted by the personnel is a very important duty to be carried out by the managers.

Adhering to the Corporate Values 

The biggest asset of the company is Roketsan itself as an entity. Roketsan members adopt, practice and continuously improve corporate values and routines set by regulations, manuals, procedures, instructions and other practices of the company.

Using the Corporate Resources Efficiency

Roketsan has a number of important resources, including physical assets (facilities, materials), financial sources, trade secrets, patents, registered trademarks, specialized knowledge and intellectual property rights. Roketsan members use, protect, improve and increase all such equities properly and efficiently. Roketsan members aim at having the products they produce using the company’s resources, serve the interests and the well-being of the country.

Protecting Equality within the Company

Principle of equality is essential in intra-corporate procedures and relations. Roketsan members are expected to pay regard to equality in the company, always avoid discrimination and be fair, thus to strengthen the senses of belonging and confidence.

Avoiding Interest Conflicts

Roketsan members adopt the principle of avoiding conflicts of interest and do not use the name of Roketsan for the purpose of obtaining personal benefits.

Roketsan members do not establish relations with suppliers and subcontractors which clash with the interests of the company or which may adversely affect their decisions and practices, do not act in a manner to create opportunities, either for themselves or for their relatives in connection with the company’s business and do not use corporate sources for their private needs.

Being Sensitive to Environment

Roketsan is sensitive to environment, protects the environment for today’s generations as well as future’s, complies with the environmental protection laws and regulations in effect and works in full conformity with the regulations on work safety and workers’ health. Roketsan, as an environment friendly corporation takes utmost care in avoiding release of hazardous material to natural environment.

Nondisclosure of Corporate or Personal Secret Information

Roketsan, due to the nature of its field of activity, uses and generates secret information, concerning mostly national instutions, NATO and commercial relations as well as information classified as “restricted”. Use of the information efficiency and in accordance with the principles which must be well known, proper distribution and maintenance of its integrity and accessibility are the primary duties of the whole personnel of the company. Roketsan members work in full compliance with the procedures set up for the management of corporate and personal information and for maintaining the confidence, never allowing corporate and personal secret information to be carried t Internet or to other media open to public.

Compliance with the Corporate Regulations, National and International Laws

Roketsan complies with Turkish Laws, International Laws, Rules and Regulations, supports informing the acts against law and ethic, confirms and undertakes the trueness of the financial or technical reports and records belonging to the company.

Roketsan members timely and properly record and report the information related to the company which must be prepared and kept as required by laws and regulations. This obligation also includes reporting the time worked, incurred management costs, results of various business transactions, income and costs and other business operations.

Paying Due Respect to Private and Corporate Intellectual Property Rights

Roketsan takes care of and protects corporate and private intellectual property rights over the products created by the human intellect and brain power (patent, trademark, design etc.)